Wellness for every body

QE Health is a very significant and central part of the ‘Rotorua Story’ - with a direct line of sight back to the arrival of Te Arawa, 700 years ago, finding abundant flora and fauna…and healing, soothing, warming thermal waters.

The principles of sharing, protecting and nurturing run deep in the history of the region - Hatu Patu sheltering in his rock; Ngāti Rangiwewehi chieftainess, Te Ao Kapurangi, protecting her people between her legs; the Tūhourangi iwi being welcomed by the people of Whakarewarewa after the catastrophic Mount Tarawera eruption 130 years ago…and more.

The 1895 edition of Chambers Encyclopaedia mentions a “well-appointed sanatorium is carried on at Rotorua by the government for the healing of the people of the Australian colonies, and is much frequented.”


The Bathhouse opens in 1908 in Government Gardens offering ‘balneotherapy’ or spa therapies.

In 1942, the Convalescent Hospital opens - for soldiers returning from the battlefields of WWII. Rotorua, in New Zealand’s appropriately named Bay of Plenty, is an ideal location, a sanctuary set among lakes, forests and with that long, long history of spa therapy. Along with these treatments, medical personnel physiotherapists and occupational therapists work together - not only to heal, but also to help ease the servicemen back into civilian life.

The holistic approach is sustained after the war - treating patients suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and allied complaints. The name changes to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (after the mother of the current monarch).

QE Health Spa and Beauty are very popular with locals and visitors from round New Zealand and internationally for an authentic Rotorua Spa experience. Because therapists also work with patients standards are high and they are all experienced and qualified (not mandatory in New Zealand) - safe, expert hands.
Current services are: Spa and Beauty, Rheumatology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Orthotics, Gym and Fitness, Psychology and Counselling, Fracture Liaison Service, Yoga and Pilates.

The current building was ‘temporary’ and intended to last 10-15 years. 
Six decades on it wears its battle scars with great pride. Within its drab, unremarkable shell there beats a heart of gold.

The services available under one rather tired roof are as wonderful as ever. There is a deep affection for what QE Health does - and the current building, too. It has served Rotorua and New Zealand well - with over 70 years of caring and changing lives.