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Educator and Massage Therapist
Touch is fundamental to us as human beings; I see it as vital for our development as the food we eat. One of my favourite quotes is from Michelangelo who is credited with saying, “To touch can be to give life,” and I believe he was totally correct. It was this interest in touch and its benefits that first drew me to massage whilst I was working in the Psychological Therapies Team of the Cornwall Mental Health Services in the UK. I first qualified in massage over 30 years ago and I was able to incorporate it into the client’s treatment where necessary and saw the amazing results this modality could bring to people both physically and psychologically.
During this time I also qualified, in Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Professional Relaxation and as a Teacher of Adults. I continued to train in London for Advanced Pregnancy Massage, Advanced Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Techniques.
I came to New Zealand in June 2007 to start my new life in this beautiful country that I love and now call home and started working at QE Health. New Zealand is where I continued my training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage plus a trip to Australia to complete it. I love teaching as much as giving massage and I hope to continue to do both for many years to come.