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QE Health and Lakes DHB - working together to provide a wrap-around fracture liaison service. 
If you are over 55 and have a fragility fracture you can be referred to QE Health’s FLS through:
• GP
• Radiology services
• or Hospital services

The Fracture Liaison Service may include:
• a bone density scanFLS 1
• osteoporosis assessment
• being referred to the appropriate rehabilitation service at QE Health

FLS is not just about the scan but also about what services can be provided to you to make your first fracture your last.
The likelihood of somebody having recurrent fractures depends on a number of risk factors, mainly if the underlying cause of their broken bones is osteoporosis and goes undetected.

Accessing appropriate rehabilitation and care after the first fragility fracture may reduce the incidence of avoidable and often life threatening fractures.

The evidence from other countries with an established FLS suggests that half of hip fracture patients had already presented
with another fragility fracture prior to this occurring, however osteoporosis was not diagnosed at the initial fracture. 

The full service includes, for example, a person being referred by their GP and if they fit the criteria, they are
sent for a scan and /or osteoporosis assessment.
The scan and assessment is sent to a specialist who reviews it and recommends a course of action with regards to what the person requires. For some people this maybe a recommendation for physiotherapy, a strong bones education program or access to one of our intensive rehabilitation programmes.

Using the QE Gym, a programme can also be developed for each person, enabling the person to rehabilitate slowly while progressing on to something more vigorous in terms of exercise, strengthening, core stability and weight bearing.

As part of the wraparound service, each person may see a range of people from physiotherapists, counsellors, occupational therapists and fitness instructors.


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