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Philip Luders

One of New Zealand's most experienced Orthotists, Philip is part artist, part craftsman, all miracle worker.

1) Where did it all begin?: Waikato hospital, 1970, for a 5 year apprentiship as an orthopaedic technician and passed B and A grade exams. All training was internal in those days and everything was made from scratch and by hand. You got given a problem and had to work out how to make something using patterns and materials. My examiners when I graduated were past staff at QE.
2) What happened next?: I spent 13 years at Waikato and specialised in every field of Orthotics and worked under eminent Orthotists, surgeons, nurses and physios. That grounding has stood me in good stead and I have gone on to help set up private orthotic premises in Palmerston North (Central Orthotics) with my boss being the orthotist who trained me in Waikato.
I then went to be a clinician in Auckland with the Orthotic Centre. My role was as a clinical orthotist and covered the whole of Auckland.
3) How long have you been at QE Health?: 2 ½ years and this place is one of the few still doing its own manufacturing and catering for a huge diverse number of clients. We cover a large area and do fortnightly clinics in Taupo.
4) The best part of QE?: The intense satisfaction of treating people who have had serious problems and finding resolutions
5) And when you're not at work?: you will find me either in the outdoors or doing leatherwork - I've been involved in both since 1970.