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Psychology is about the functioning of brain and behaviour, our emotions, thoughts; who we are and what is important to us.

Resilience, relationships, values and motivation are all psychological concepts.
All Registered Psychologists have completed masters and/or doctoral level training (around eight years at University) as well as practical training in the professional role of a psychologist.
Psychologists are required to keep current with their knowledge of psychological techniques and the science of what works. Psychological consultations are confidential.

Psychologists apply their knowledge of psychological concepts, human sciences and advanced skills across a range of environments and applications.
Psychologists are specifically involved as experts in the assessment and treatment of mental health problems and offending behaviour, in determining and managing the psychological consequences of injury and chronic health conditions, in understanding learning and cognition, workplace stress, understanding family functioning and performance in sports, work and military settings.
Psychologists have advanced training in psychological assessment, including use of psychometric tests and structured methods.
Psychologists at QE Health have advanced training across a range of specialised therapy models, including cognitive-behaviour therapy, and tailor their approach to the presenting need.

QE is in a growth phase in terms of building our team of psychologists. Please contact us and one of our team will be in touch to tell you more.


In partnership with Rotorua Area Primary Health Services (RAPHS), we offer Health Psychology, Counselling and Social Work Services for Patients with a Long Term Condition.

This includes group counselling, individual counselling and health psychology services in partnership with RAPHS. These services are offered at no cost to patients referred and accepted into the service.


  1. Clients with a long term/chronic health condition. 
  2. Must be enrolled in the RAPHS LINC programme. 
  3. Clients will be experiencing some level of psychological distress as a result of their chronic health condition. 
  4. Non-ACC related. 

Referral Process
The entry point is through referral to RAPHS ECST and a triage process undertaken by the Health Psychologist and ECST will provide access to the most appropriate service.


We accept most major credit cards and:

Q card Farmers


Enquiries and referrals to:

Psychology Department QE Health
1073 Whakaue Street,
PO Box 1342,
Rotorua 3040

P: 07 348 0189 extension 863
Fax: 07 349 5252
E: infoline@qehealth.co.nz