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Clinical Psychology

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Mental Health, Pain and Neuropsychology Services

Your psychological health is important to our team at QE.
Have you thought about consulting a psychologist but not sure how to go about it?  Give our Psychology Administrator, Waipai Knight, a call on 349 5255 or email:  waipai.knight@qehealth.co.nz


 Clinical and Neuropsychology services are part of our comprehensive, integrated health-care approach.

Specific services are:
Clinical Psychology:

We are experts in the assessment and treatment of mental health and psychological conditions, commonly for depression and anxiety. We take specialist referrals as well as private referrals.
Neuropsychology Assessment:

Psychology includes the functioning of brain and behaviour. QE Health holds the ACC Neuropsychology Assessment contract for brain injury assessment and provides cognitive assessment services for the DHB for people with dementia and neurological conditions.
Work-Focused Psychology:

QE psychologists take referrals from employers, third party insurers, and managers for staff under stress, recovering from an injury at work, or medico-legal assessments. Our team provides a work-focused assessment and intervention approach and liaison with other health professionals where required. This work can include manager consultation, supervision and leadership training.
Pain-Focused Psychology:

QE psychologists all work in the community pain service and provide a leadership role in the assessment and treatment of pain-related mental health factors and improvement of pain coping skills.
Integrated Service Sensitive Claims:

QE holds this ACC contract for sensitive claims. This is an assessment and treatment service for clients who have experienced sexual assault or historical sexual abuse.
Consulting Services:

QE has senior consulting psychologists on contract that deliver specialist supervision and consulting services to a variety of government departments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

QE Psychology holds contracts for:
• ACC Psychological Services for Physical Injury
• ACC Neuropsychology
• ACC Community Pain Service
• ACC Education-Based Rehabilitation Assessment
• ACC Integrated Service for Sensitive Claims (ISSC)
• RAPHS Patients with Long Term Health and Mental Health Conditions (via GP referral)
• Neuropsychology Assessment for Lakes DHB (via Physician referral)
• Workplace Health

• Acute trauma intervention with emergency services personnel


Enquiries and referrals to:
We take e-referrals from GPs and directly from the public via phone, email or our infoline. psychology@qehealth.co.nz


For options on how we can help you, call Waipai Knight, Psychology Administrator, (07) 349-5255
or email waipai.knight@qehealth.co.nz