Wellness for every body

75 + years of delivering spa services in Rotorua.

We have a story to tell…

…beginning in 1942 when QE Health was the Services Convalescent Hospital providing rehabilitation to soldiers returning from World War II. A daily programme of therapy included exercise, counseling, recreation, occupational and physiotherapy plus balneotherapy or spa treatments.


The Bathhouse for all spa treatments was located in what is now the Rotorua Museum – developed as the Spa of the South Pacific by Dr Arthur Stanley Wohlmann in the early 1900’s.


When The Bathhouse closed in the 1960’s spa treatment was brought over to a new wing at QE Health – by then known as Queen Elizabeth Hospital specialising in treatment of Rheumatic disease.


QE Health continues today as a treatment centre for people with all forms of arthritis and chronic pain. Attend over several days for one of our programmes or simply come for a “healing experience” and try one of our spa treatments, mud or beauty therapies, and use the gym, while visiting Rotorua.


Bathe yourselves in a little bit of history……