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Autoimmune Disorder

I used to be a very outgoing outdoorsy person until an autoimmune disorder decided to take that all away from me in what seemed faster than a lightning bolt. From being very active to not having the energy to walk out and get the mail was one hell of a shock to me. I was struggling to find answers and help for all my questions.


Four times now I have been fortunate to experience the rehabilitation facilities at QE Health.


My fourth time being welcomed back into the QE Family was after an extensive operation on both soles of my feet leaving me laid up for 3 months.


The friendly knowledgeable staff were extremely understanding of my needs, teaching me correct movement techniques and muscle strengthening, through daily gym classes, pool classes, foot a hand class education and multiple spa treatments.


I gained understanding of why pain occurs and how to manage it which has benefited an old sporting injury of my shoulder.


Being around other people with similar problems helped in giving me a sense of belonging, knowing that I’m not the only one suffering from a malfunctioning body.


I love the supportive environment, warmth and understanding care given by the staff in all areas.


I left QE feeling full of confidence and able to cope 100% better, both mentally and physically, knowing that I had confidence in myself to set achievable goals and follow them up with a newfound hunger an belief in myself that only QE could re-ignite in me.


QE once again has given me a fantastic kick-start to take home and launch myself in to an exciting period in my life.


The only sad thing is that my stay had to come to an end an I knew again I’d left a family behind.


- Lucas Smith