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Ankylosing Spondylitis

Initially I was reluctant to visit QE, because of previous negative hospital experiences.


In my late teens I was diagnosed with severe ankylosing spondylitis, causing spinal degeneration. This developed after a year of fighting a serious bone infection caused by botched surgery. I was referred to a major rheumatology unit, but the experience left me psychologically scarred and physically worse off. I was sent away with 700 pills, most of which I threw away as the side effects were dreadful.

Fortunately, my superb GP took over my care. With his help, I went into remission.

Unfortunately, I relapsed 6 years ago after a serious back injury and major stressors, including a very negative work situation. I waited 6 months for a few physio treatments at the local hospital and could not get further treatment – I was told that someone with a degenerative condition like mine ‘was a drain on the budget’.

Finally, I relented to go to QE Health. The treatment I received was life changing. The philosophy was totally different – patient-centred, holistic and with a rehabilitative focus. The results were dramatic. With QE’s help I have been able to resume my career and lead a productive life with few restrictions.

The socioeconomic benefits of QE treatment are substantial – this should be recognised by the DHB. More people should have access to QE’s rehabilitative treatments.


- Yours sincerely
Jacqui Aimers