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Acute Demyelination Encephalitis

In August of 2001 I was struck down with a virus called Acute demyelination encephalitis which affects the spine and in my case the bowel and bladder. After spending five months in Waikato hospital and ten weeks in Thames Hospital I was sent home in a wheelchair with the care of my husband.


We found it very tough as I was a very active person before this happened. After speaking to our doctor he thought if I could get into QE Hospital they might be able to help me. So I went to see Dr Peter Jones in August 2002 and he took me on as a challenge in the hope he might be able to help me.


I arrived mid August in my wheelchair not even able to stand without assistants or dress myself. I had to be showered by staff and helped in and out of bed.


After the first week I felt I was making some progress and Dr Jones asked me to come back in three months.

The OT and Physio staff worked very hard with me and helped me regain strength and movement on my body and gave me the determination to carry on.


It was hard work but with the very caring staff and help I received with each visit to QE I am now walking with a walker and even drive a car.


I still am very weak on my right side and have to work hard to keep mobile and hope QE Hospital will be able to keep having me back to work with me to keep me mobile as I don’t think I could have got back my life without their help.

I have found the staff very caring and always helpful and the spa treatments a great help to me over the eight years I have been going there.


Barbara Hoyland