Wellness for every body

Dear Mary

You were away when I left and I am sorry that I was unable to thank you personally for the help and treatment from the wonderful staff at QE Health.


If I was asked to give an assessment I would have to say that everybody qualified 110%.

I did not really know what to expect in the way of treatment and what I would face in the way of facilities.

I was soon put at ease on my arrival by the friendly welcome from Heta and her friend. This and your induction meeting the next morning made us all feel at home.

What I appreciated with the treatment was that we were allowed to participate within our own capabilities, especially relating to the gym and hydrotherapy exercises.

The latter I really looked forward to, together with the massages and mud packs. These mud packs were like being tucked up as a baby and most relaxing, so much so that several times I had to be woken up from a good snooze.

When I arrived at QE I found difficulty in getting up the steps, had poor posture and inclined to shuffle my steps. With Rachel’s gentle persuasion in physiotherapy these problems soon showed a marked improvement. Even now while walking my dog I am unconsciously reminded by her – “Pull your bottom in and walk upright, etc”.

We were given sundry lectures and took part in various activities with occupational therapy. They were a help in understanding our problems and made one have a more positive outlook on life.

Instead of the glass being half empty it was half full.

I consider my stay and treatment at QE improved my mobility considerably and I find that I am more mentally active and as a bonus have been sleeping like a baby.

As you are aware I was a patient over 60 years ago in ward 1. While it is nice to have the companionship of a ward, I appreciate the fact that I could now have a comfortable lock up room in the Wallis wing. I have good memories of my previous stay and I now have memories of the kindness and help by you and all the staff who I was in contact with and again thank you for all most sincerely.

I also appreciate the assistance of Veteran’s Affairs in making the way clear for my treatment.

As I intend to be around to annoy people until I am over 100, I may have the opportunity to visit you all again.

My best wishes to all.


Ken Dalzell