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Secondary Osteoarthritis

”QE Health is my lifeline and a National Treasure”, says Jean Benson.


Every single year, I look forward to coming to QE Health to improve my health and mobility. I am a sufferer of severe secondary Osteoarthritis with multiple joint and bone deformities resulting from having had Multifocal Osteomyelitis as a child aged 6 years.


Every year I attend a three week programmeme at QE Health which has been designed especially for my condition. My programmeme involves a range of therapeutic treatments delivered by qualified therapists, and includes physiotherapy, mineral pool, mud packs, education classes (specifically about my condition a pain management), occupational therapy, pool exercises (hydrotherapy), wax therapy and orthotic review.


I attribute the treatments I receive at QE Health as being the main reason I am able to continue to lead an independent life in the community.


After I have been to QE I feel great. My mobility improves hugely after the treatments and this allows me the luxury and right of independent living, which is very important to me.


Believing that independence is not just a luxury but a right for all those who desire it, I actively work towards increasing the awareness of QE Health, and the rights of others to be able to access their services.


Jean Benson
“As an Auckland patient Jean was not a candidate to attend QE Health, but a determined fight helped her gain access to QE Health.”