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Letter of thanks

Dear QE Health Staff,


"Good clinicians have numerous qualities. They are compassionate, enthusiastic and informed. They are curious about new ideas. They are experts. They assist you in mastering your situation." (Quote from 'Explain Pain')


Thank you all for having every one of the above qualities!


I came to QE knowing that I was probably not going to go home miraculously 'cured' but not really knowing how I could be helped (I was curious, but perhaps a little cynical!)


However over the 3 weeks I started to understand my pain and I no longer feel the need to find a cause and a 'cure' (but will continue to seek ways to become more comfortable!)


I have gone from someone who thought my life was over, especially in terms of physical activities which used to be a large part of my life, to looking forward to continuing new forms of exercise just as aqua jogging and nordic walking, and hopeful that my life will change for the better. I'm looking forward to practising 'mindfulness' instead of focusing on the pain.


Having this period of time away from m y family has been great in affirming that I can still be an independent person. Driving to Rotorua for the final week I had a wonderful feeling of liberation (this probably seems strange, but it is the first time I had driven this sort of distance since my time in hospital on traction 22 years ago!) So something obviously happened in my first 2 weeks at QE to give me this courage and self-belief!


Thank you Mary for being such an incredibly compassionate person, and for always taking the time to listen and for doing whatever is necessary to make my stay productive and positive! You are a truly remarkable person.


Thank you Rachel for your patience and expertise in getting me to walk properly and for giving me some 'self-help' stretches that I can carry on doing at home and for your expert techniue for loosening up my upper back.


Thank you Debra for being such a good listener and a perceptive person who understands what I've been going through.


Thank you Sue and Shaani for heling me 'retrain' my brain so I will not continue to 'overuse' the right side of my body.


Thank you John, Aaron and Christine, for getting me moving correctly in the gym and at the Aquatic Centre and showing me ways to work on weak muscles and become aerobically fit. You have given me new hope tht I can lead an active life again!


Thank you Alison for the pool classes which were fun while also being therapeutic! I loved listening to the anecdotes you shared with us as we did our exercises.


Thank you all the wonderful spa people, especially Alyssia, Junko, Mary and Jocelyn for some amazing massages and spa treatments. If I lived in Rotorua I'd be at the spa every week making the most of your expertise!


Thank you to all the nurses and other staff: Elaine for your interesting stories, Claire and Prue for your caring nature, Kathy and Rose for your willingness to always help with a smile and Nga for your sunny disposition! ... and anyone else I might have missed who makes QE run so smoothly.


Finally, thank you Dr Ussher for taking the time to explain everything to me and for prescribing medication that will hopefully have the desired effect.


Fiona Watson