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‘Cancer treatment was a rigorous examination of my stamina and courage.

I physically shrank, literally. Emotionally, too.

There was a sense of isolation and self-consciousness, even in a room full of family and friends.

The simplest touch, even a hand on the shoulder, reconnected and reassured me…’


It’s a basic human need, a fundamental impulse from birth.

So is a sense of self-confidence that serious illness can strip away. This is where QE Health’s Wellness for Cancer programme begins - with gentle massage and cosmetic therapy during and after treatment – designed specifically for you. Our experienced team is trained Wellness for Cancer certified and trained to tailor therapy to individual needs – everyone is different.

“Having cancer does not define you. You have a life separate from cancer and deserve to look after yourself and have some pleasure in your life.

Wellness for Cancer enables you to have time for yourself and to be yourself by getting away from the medical treatments - having some nurturing TLC that makes you feel good and help you achieves a state of well-being.”

Mary Crane, team leader, Wellness for Cancer, QE Health.

When you call to book please let reception know it is for the Wellness for Cancer programme.

Mary or one of the team will spend 30 minutes with you to discuss your unique situation and recommend what treatments they recommend - at no charge.

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Wellness for Cancer will share your journey during and after treatment with you and your caregiver. A visit to the spa for massage and cosmetic therapies will be a place for you to escape the stress and rigours of your daily and weekly treatment. “I was struggling with my treatment, struggling with my diagnosis.

The Spa made me feel normal…to come into a Spa atmosphere and be treated like a normal person and get the help I need…the facials were fabulous.”

At QE Health, this will focus on massage and cosmetic therapy to start with - specifically designed for cancer patients to help them on their journey and lift their spirits.
This includes reflexology, Aix, relaxation, mud packs, manicures (especially important for those with Lymphedoema), pedicures and facials.

Also at QE Health, tailored for those going through cancer - Pilates, personal training, manual lymphatic drainage ("the massage that is barely there") and hydrotherapy.

If you are seeking this sort of help or know someone (or their caregiver - they need support and care, too), please get in touch. 

Wellness for Cancer started in the USA under director,  Julie Bach, as part of Spa4thePink.

Positive results were tangible and immediate.

We are part of a world leading residential rehabilitation facility and wellness centre, with a range of healthcare services all working together.

Wellness for cancer - spa at QE Health

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